Probable Maximum Loss ASEA

Probable Maximum Loss ASEA
  • Admira - Riesgo AmbientalADMIRA consultants supports you in the design of the structure, terms and conditions of coverage to comply with the obligation to hire Environmental Risk Insurance for companies with Highly Risky Activities in the terms of the provisions of article 147 - Bis of the General Law of the Ecological Balance and the Protection of the Environments, as well as those required by the Federal Law of Environmental Responsibility, General Law for the Prevention and Integral Management of Waste and other laws applicable to the Legal Framework in Environmental Matters.

    The advice in Environmental Risk Insurance, offered by ADMIRA consultants fully satisfies the requirements of the environmental authorities requested are for obtaining the authorization of the Environmental Impact Manifesto, Unique Environmental Licenses, Environmental Operation Certificate, as well as for import / export of products. hazardous materials and / or waste.

    Unlike a traditional Pollution Liability insurance, the Environmental Risk Insurance can cover environmental damages originated in own and third party assets, which broadens the scope of the corresponding insured compensation. Likewise, its applicability does not result in a judgment of a Judge and may be activated after a request from the corresponding Environmental Authority.

  • Consulting in Ecology and the Environment

    Aware of the importance of keeping the interrelationship between human beings and their environment, ADMIRA consultants has integrated its network consulting services to a large group of environmental consultants, through which provides your organization with a wide range of services, emphasizing:

    • Legal Environmental Valuation Study, focused on identifying the "status - quo" of the company or organization and confirm compliance with the above provisions in the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection and other applicable laws.
    • Diagnostic or environmental audits, through which processes and potentially hazardous or polluting activities in the organization are analyzed from the point of view.
    • Risk Studies and Manifests environmental impact of operations on the ecological effect of the company and new projects is determined. This diagnosis is essential for the approval of any project that may cause changes to the environment requirement.
    • Studies Health Risk
    • Diagnosis of environmental liabilities under the terms of Articles 68 to 79 of the General Law for the Prevention and Management of Waste
  • Environmental Legal Counselling

    With the support of our network of consultants provides services ADMIRA access to legal resources to support you in solving environmental issues of any kind, offering advice in defining the existing compliance framework, as well as the expertise, process, management and defense of any issue related to Ecology and Environment.

  • Employee Training

    Human capital in the company, is its most important asset and that is why we must have the knowledge required to address the challenges presented therein. ADMIRA consultants offers staff training in the areas of: Accident Prevention Emergency Care legal framework Municipal solid waste management Wastewater Treatment purification Hazardous materials and waste Environmental Impact and Risk Insurance Environmental Risk

  • Environmental Risk Management

    Application of Risk Management techniques, allows us to offer focused on controlling the occurrence of risk services, reducing their frequency and / or severity, as well as provide the company optimally innovative mechanisms to finance the adverse economic impact that means its realization.

    In the prevention and control of risks:

    • The review of the correct operation of machinery, vehicles, tools and equipment Environmental Protection.
    • Determining Maximum Losses.
    • The design of Preventive Measures.
    • The development and implementation of programs and Containment Accident Prevention and rehabilitation facility and its operation
    • Civil Protection Programs

    In the Environmental Risk Financing:

    Through permanent contact our network of consulting with the dynamics of local and international insurance markets and bonds, allows us to design and implement the administrative transaction of corporate protection programs according to the specific needs of each organization ENVIRONMENTAL RISK, which involves among other things:

    • Support for environmental risk underwriting
    • Design protection covers environmental risk
    • Counseling in the processing of claims incurred
    • Quantification of pollution damage to the environment
  • Environmental Surveys

    Certificates of Expert Team has the necessary expertise to issue records on environmental issues to civil, administrative and criminal authorities, offering expert opinions on issues related to Impact, Risk, Water, Soil, Waste, Environmental, Insurance Law and Finance.

    It also supports the determination of the Base Status Company as required by the Federal Environmental Liability Act, as well as to determine the extent of environmental damage occurred, technical and remediation costs involved.

    Environmental Surveys guaranteed by our professional body give a Qualified Opinion of the Causes thereof, Evolution and Dynamics of the behavior of the contaminant as well as the magnitude of the damage at the time of occurrence and projection within 6 months.

    Has legal status and are accepted by the insurance market for the quantification of the amounts to compensate for the coverage contracted insurance as well as by the environmental authorities for approval of cleanup, remediation and / or compensation caused by contamination atmosphere.

    With them are:

    • Gives greater flexibility in the diagnosis and characterization of pollution damage.
    • Reduce the time to assess the damage.
    • Root secured compensation.
    • Establishes a reliable diagnosis.

    Our Expertise Environmental analyzes in depth the problem in question and involves:

    1. An initial visit to determine the general conditions of the site.
    2. The documentary and physical research of geological conditions.
    3. Sets the strategy of direct and indirect research appropriate to the event analysis.
    4. Research methods applied geophysics Processes, interprets and Models of surface and subsurface conditions, based on the geophysical survey.
    5. Taking physical soil and water samples for chemical analysis.
    6. Indirect data correlated with the results of laboratory analysis to establish areas and volumes of soil and / or contaminated water, as well as their cost of remediation and cleaning.
    7. Prepares the Report and Certificate of Expert Opinion
  • Loss Determination Amount

    Articles 117 and 118 of Contract Law Insurance allow both the insured and the insurance company to have the opinion of an expert to value the damage caused by an accident at the time of its occurrence.

    Having an Environmental Evaluation ADMIRA gives certainty to both the insured and the insurer on the amount of the costs of cleaning, remediation, or compensation to perform as a result of a pollution event, providing the assigned adjuster, the process of adjustment loss occurred, recommendation of Loss Reserve to establish authorization procedures and cleanup plan, remediation, repair or compensation to the relevant environmental authorities.

    Our Expertise Environmental include inter alia:

    • Identification and assessment of environmental damage.
      • Underground, including aquifers
      • Superficial
    • Floor area and volume in the presence of hydrocarbon concentration inside and outside the right of way
    • Migration of the contaminant plume, including its projection to 6 months
    • Suggested remediation technique
    • Estimated cost of remediation
    • Quantifying the environmental damage caused
  • Subscription

    It supports the Insurance Company in the process of underwriting environmental risks, offering expert opinions on the company's real capacity to prevent, address, contain and remedy the environmental damage caused.

    Our Expertise:

    • Optimal Technical Utility:
      • It details the exposure to environmental risk present in the clients in a timely manner.
      • It offers accurate information on the degree of effectiveness of the current prevention, management and response systems.
      • Analyzes the degree of compliance with current regulations for the company.
    • Allows us to suggest a coverage / cost of environmental insurance according to the needs of its insured - supporting the productive force.
  • Base State

    The Federal Law of Environmental Responsibility specifies in its Article 13 that in case of producing a contamination to the environment, the cleaning, remediation, repair or compensation must be done to return to the contaminated site the prevailing conditions before the polluting event occurs.

    The Environmental Expertise offered by ADMIRA, will allow you to have an expert opinion on the prevailing State in a site before the occurrence of a spill to the ground, subsoil, water or aquifer.

    Our expert opinions have legal validity and can serve as evidence in case of trial or legal controversy to determine the degree of cleaning, remediation, repair or compensation to be made.

  • Ground Penetrating GPR (GPR)

    This subsurface exploration technique is based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the ground, which materials change is reflected and refracted, thus generating an image of the subsurface structure. Its main applications have been in the detection of buried services, such as pipelines, cables, drains, etc., also has a great application in archaeological issues and the detection of contaminants in the subsurface.

  • Polls Polo Dipole (SPD)

    This exploration technique represents in general terms a lower depth compared to the SEV, however, a greater amount of data is obtained, with which it is possible to obtain a more complete vision of the conditions of the subsoil, both in depth and in a side.

    This exploration technique is mainly used in: the detection of buried services, location, quantification and monitoring of pollutant plumes, as well as to determine anomalies associated with fracturing the ground, cracks, failures or the presence of cavities.

  • Electric Tomography High-Density Measurements (Scanning)

    Using this technique scanning images (Spectra Isorresistivos) showing the behavior of materials as well as anomalies in the subsurface are obtained three-dimensionally, allowing 3D models to generate, evaluate and quantify subsurface features.

    Its main applications have been in the environmental field, as it represents an excellent tool for the detection of contaminants in soil and subsoil, as well as for the detection of buried services.

  • Seismic refraction lines (TRS)

    This technique of geophysical exploration, is based on the propagation of acoustic waves (earthquake) in the subsoil, by exciting the ground by means of an impact, a small amount of energy which is recorded by a computer call is released in the soil seismograph, basically what is recorded in this team is the time it takes to reach the seismic waves from the impact point at the end of lines.

    Applications of this technique are varied, but the most important are: definition of wave propagation velocities P (Compression) and S wave (Cut), through which the elastic moduli of soil behavior are obtained very useful in the design of structures; Also by this technique and ripabilidad arability degrees are obtained, which define the degree of difficulty that earthworks on land, etc. will be held.

  • Geophysics Studies

    ADMIRA consultants has successfully applied indirect geophysical methods in a multiplicity of environments for the insurance, reinsurance, industrial and commercial sectors in more than 300 environmental surveys and nearly 2,000 studies obtaining two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of the subsoil, which allow locating and determining with a high degree of certainty:

    To locate:

    • Underground facilities and induced infrastructure (pipelines, wiring, pipes, tanks, etc.)
    • Geological structures
    • Caverns
    • Geotechnical Studies
    • Water mantles
    • Oil pollution, leaching, hazardous and municipal waste


    • Degrees of arabilidad and ripabilidad
    • Definition of elastic modules
    • P and S wave propagation speeds

    Among the exploration techniques used, include:

    • Vertical Electrical Probes (SEV)
    • Polled Polo-Dipole (SPD)
    • High Density Electrical Tomography of Measurements (Scanning)
    • Seismic Refraction Tends Georadar (GPR)
  • Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES)

    This subsurface exploration technique is based on Ohm's law, in which the relationship between the potential (V), the electric current (I) and the resistance to the passage of materials from the same (R) is established.

    The vertical electrical soundings are used in two main ways:

    • Wenner, this mode is mainly used for the installation of "Personal Grounds".
    • Schlumberger, perhaps the most widely used because it has many applications, among which, the identification of aquifers and the position of groundwater levels, material identification (Lithology and Stratigraphy), permeability and qualitative contact between materials .