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Solutions to reduce probability and impact of risks, financing options to mitigate adverse economic effects.

ADMIRA consultants provide access to essential legal resources, guidance on regulatory compliance, expert testimony, and environmental defense.

Legal environmental assessment, environmental audits, risk analysis, environmental impact reports, and health risk assessments.

Focused on industrial, operational, and environmental safety in this sector.

Environmental Impact Manifesto, Unique Environmental Licenses, Environmental Operation Certificates, import/export of hazardous materials and waste.

ADMIRA Environmental Expertise ensures precise loss determination from contaminating events, easing adjustments and procedures with environmental authorities.

Determines the site's previous condition to comply with Federal Environmental Responsibility Law, facilitating legal evidence in contamination cases.

Expert analysis evaluating companies' environmental prevention and response capabilities, suggesting appropriate insurance coverage.

Generates 3D images for subsurface material and anomaly evaluation. Ideal for detecting contaminants and buried utilities.

Subsurface exploration using electromagnetic waves, useful for detecting buried utilities, in archaeology, and locating contaminants.

Subsurface exploration. Provides detailed data at shallower depths, detecting buried utilities, contamination, and geological anomalies.

Subsurface exploration based on Ohm's law. Wenner and Schlumberger methods detect aquifers, stratigraphy, and more.

Geophysical exploration using seismic waves. Determines P and S wave velocities, useful in structural design and terrain evaluation.