Environmental Surveys

Certificates of Expert Team has the necessary expertise to issue records on environmental issues to civil, administrative and criminal authorities, offering expert opinions on issues related to Impact, Risk, Water, Soil, Waste, Environmental, Insurance Law and Finance.

It also supports the determination of the Base Status Company as required by the Federal Environmental Liability Act, as well as to determine the extent of environmental damage occurred, technical and remediation costs involved.

Environmental Surveys guaranteed by our professional body give a Qualified Opinion of the Causes thereof, Evolution and Dynamics of the behavior of the contaminant as well as the magnitude of the damage at the time of occurrence and projection within 6 months.

Has legal status and are accepted by the insurance market for the quantification of the amounts to compensate for the coverage contracted insurance as well as by the environmental authorities for approval of cleanup, remediation and / or compensation caused by contamination atmosphere.

With them are:

  • Gives greater flexibility in the diagnosis and characterization of pollution damage.
  • Reduce the time to assess the damage.
  • Root secured compensation.
  • Establishes a reliable diagnosis.

Our Expertise Environmental analyzes in depth the problem in question and involves:

  1. An initial visit to determine the general conditions of the site.
  2. The documentary and physical research of geological conditions.
  3. Sets the strategy of direct and indirect research appropriate to the event analysis.
  4. Research methods applied geophysics Processes, interprets and Models of surface and subsurface conditions, based on the geophysical survey.
  5. Taking physical soil and water samples for chemical analysis.
  6. Indirect data correlated with the results of laboratory analysis to establish areas and volumes of soil and / or contaminated water, as well as their cost of remediation and cleaning.
  7. Prepares the Report and Certificate of Expert Opinion